PEOSYM layered graphic expression


PEOSYM is an acronym for Personal Expression Of Stories, Yearning, and Memories. 

Pronounced as - pe·​o·​sim

After a long search, trials, and errors, checking for existing brand names and even more importantly trademarks, we ended up creating our own word to define this brand concept. 

Why do we like it? Because it sounds like Peonies, Poiesis and Personal Symphony.  

More on the brand philosophy: We can only live our own lives and experience the world from our perspective. Ultimately all that we create is our perception. So why is it important to share it with others, or even express it in the first place? Why do we seek to understand others, even though an attempt is all we will ever accomplish? What does it even mean to be human, apart from wearing clothes and being able to communicate? Is that what art truly is - a complex communication? 

Personally, I have more questions and little idea about the answers. But this isn't about seeking those answers. It is more about leaning into the experience of this journey. Like raising my child, I am excited to see what it will become. Not controlling, only guiding with an engulfing amount of love which can be scary, consuming, and liberating at the same time. Some experiences show you more clearly than others, how you aren't just an individual but a thread woven through many lives and vice versa. 

We can ramble on at least for a few more days without making any point but should save that for more posts. Making a point isn't the point of this blog anyway. We're here to just share random thoughts, personal narratives, and create conversations to ponder over. 

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